Thursday, July 26, 2012

16 Weeks

It's amazing how different the second pregnancy is from the first.  Aside from the nausea and constant headaches I actually forget that I am pregnant.  I had my 16 wks appt yesterday (more like 15 1/2) and everything is going good.  I'm up 8 lbs total. Oops! I have to constantly eat though to not feel sick.  The heart rate was at 144.  This pregnancy is so boring compared to the twins. I think I had already seen them about 4 times at this point.  I've seen this baby once.  And in reality will only see it one more time.  I'm not sure I'm ok with this.  I think every pregnancy should be considered high risk.  Ultrasounds should be done monthly.  Maybe I should go to the ER and tell them I'm concerned ;) Kidding.  I won't.  Maybe. I don't feel like I need to do any planning for this baby.  We have pretty much everything unless it is a girl.  Then really all we need is clothes.  Aside from diapers and wipes obviously.  Speaking of gender.  We find out a week from Monday.  I am so excited.  The million dollar question these days is do you want a girl now.  My answer is honestly I wanted a girl so bad with the boys and was a little dissapointed, but now I can't imagine not having another boy.  I feel like I am born to be a momma of boys.  So really either way this time I am ok.  I am starting to show.  Still somewhat looks like a fat ball, but it is getting there.  I feel like I am already having braxton hicks, but I'm not sure that is even possible this early so who knows what I am feeling.  I swear today I have felt the baby kick.  I still wonder if I really did though. I could totally be making it up in my head.  I almost feel bad for this baby already.  With the boys they were so anticipated that I did everything.  Belly pictures, pregnancy journal, etc.  I have not taken one picture of my belly.  Haven't even thought about writing in a book.  Nothing!  I have got to make an effort to make this one just as exciting as the twins.  Don't get me wrong. We are super excited.  We just don't really have time after working 9 hour days, coming home to two 13 month olds, feeding them, bathing them, and chasing them to really stop and remember we are having another baby.  I'm actually really excited to start showing more and hear peoples reactions when we are in public with the boys.  I think it is going to be awesome that people think we are so crazy.  I was starting to feel better then last weekend my nausea came back and is now accompanied by daily headaches.  Fun stuff this pregnancy thing is.  I still can say this is a lot easier than it was with the boys.  My aches and pains have not started yet and I think I was still throwing up multiple times a day at this point with no end in sight.  Well anyways, there was my update on this pregnancy.  Robert and I are both guessing girl so we shall see if we are right.

I forgot to mention that the non stop night peeing has started this week.  And imagine this. It's the same week the boys have slept all night long without a peep!  Go figure.  2 more years and maybe I'll get sleep again. I still wouldn't have it any other way though.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My World Became Complete Today

I have to share the most amazing moment as a mom that I may have had so far.  Today we were leaving daycare and I kissed Brody and told him that I loved him and plain as day he said "love you" back.  Me and Robert just stood there looking at each other like did you just hear that?  I of course immediately started crying.  My heart is still so huge right now from hearing those words from my very own son.  I have waited so long for moments like these.  I love those kids so stinking much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Are we Up to

I realized I really haven't blogged about all the things the boys can do now and what we have been up to lately.  Really what we have been up to is staying at home.  They have officially become too much to handle in public.  When we go out to eat they are occupied for a good 30 minutes and then they get bored and want down.  Doesn't make for a peaceful dinner out.  We have attempted to go to a few parties with them and that is a disaster too.  It has gotten incredibly challenging and frustrating to be at someone else's house.  At our house we have gates up and the boys can just take off.  At others we have to constantly keep an eye on them, tell them no and chase them everywhere.  It has really been unenjoyable to go anywhere.  So we sit at home and play.  We play in our little pool and they play with their water table. We went to the pool this past weekend and they had a blast and were actually pretty good.  They love water just like their momma.  I am finally feeling better so we were able to make it back to church Sunday. The boys started a new class and they loved it.  When we picked them up they told us they did so good and just played with everyone.  That makes this momma happy.  They are still taking two naps a day.  I contribute this to the fact that the little stink butts wake up at 4:30/5:00 every morning.  I am praying this changes soon!  We are completely off bottles and formula.  This was a major Hallelujah day.  It was actually a pretty easy transition.  Next will be binkies and I know that one won't be so easy.  I'd like to do it before the new baby comes, but not sure if it will happen.  They are eating all adult food now.  They chow down. I don't know where they put it all. I mean they can literaly eat more than me and Robert. Their favorite is pancakes.  Here are some little individual developments.

-words - bubba, momma, dada, nana, ball
-He can stand on his own, but hasn't started walking yet.  He can take about 2-3 steps and then he falls. You can tell he really wants to, so I'm sure it is just a matter of weeks before he takes off. 
-He can somewhat say more in sign language. It is more of a clap, but we know what he means :)
Beckham is still so laid back.  He is starting to get a little tougher with his brother, but for the most part is still very passive.  He gives kisses, but mostly only to his brother.  He has become a major daddy's boy. 

words- bubba, momma, dada, nana, ball, please, thank you (ball is his favorite word that he repeats over and over)
-He is full force running!  I swear one day he just took off and hasn't stopped since.  It is so cute seeing his little body just go everywhere.  He is so much happier now that he can walk too.  He walks around picking everything up and throws it. 
Brody is really understanding what you say to him.  I can tell him to go get his cup and he will go right to it.  Pretty much the same for anything I say.  He has a shovel he got for his birthday that he loves to carry around.  He is still very ornery, but also the biggest cuddler ever.  He is constantly kissing his brother and has recently started picking things up and giving them to Beckham.  It is so sweet and melts my heart. 

They have really started interacting with each other.  It will be so funny when we put them in their cribs for nap time.  Next thing you know all you hear is them cracking up laughing back and forth at each other.  Every day is getting a lot more challenging, but it is also getting so fun. I love the different personalities that each of them have. This really is the time when something new happens every day.  I'm excited for the milestones to come.
"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3