Thursday, September 20, 2012

15 Months

WOW!  It's really all I can say.  I'm not even sure how my sweet little babies have now turned in to full out toddlers.  A fellow friend blogger recently posted about how it is bittersweet to experience the life of a child.   In one sense you miss the complete innocence of a newborn baby but yet the personalities and independence these boys are getting is amazing to witness.  Every month new milestones are reached, new words are said and those sweet little boys somehow manage to make my heart grow bigger every day.  I have somehow managed to have the ability to take it all in and not take one day for granted with them.  I think part of this is because I have read so many stories lately about children being taken way too soon.  I cannot even begin to fathom my life without those two.  I have pretty much shut off from my previous pre parent life and that is my choice.  I can never get this time back with my babies.  They will never be the age they are today again.  It goes too fast to miss any of it and I don't want to ever look back with the regret that I didn't enjoy them at this age.  Before I know it they will be 18 and wanting to leave home.  I seriously already cry about that day, but lucky for me it's a little ways off.  I still don't know why God chose to bless us so much, but I am so incredibly thankful. 

Weight 19lbs 6oz (7%)
Length 30 1/2  (25%)
Head Circ 17 3/4 (9%)
Words: Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Ball, Fumble, Dog, More, Please, Thank You, Hi, Baby, Oh Man
Favorite songs: Deep and Wide and Five Little Monkeys (He does full out hand motions to both)
This kid can litterally already hit a ball off of a tee.  And we're talking golf tee and baseball tee. It's pretty impressive if I must say so myself.

Brody is a runner.  He runs everywhere.  Walking is just not in his speed.  He can now climb out of his crib and also climbs on every piece of furniture he can find.  He is very determined to do what he wants to do.  He is not a big fan of meat at the moment, but if you put any type of fruit or vegetable in front of him he will devour it.  When asked what a dog or monkey says he can tell you.  He can also point to his nose and eyes.  This kid has an amazing memory.  You show him something one time and it's in his memory.  He is currently working on getting only his 6th tooth.  That will make 4 top and two bottom.

Weight 19lbs 9oz (8%)
Length 29 3/4  (7%)
Head Circ 18 1/4 (36%)
Words: Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Ball, Fumble, Dog, More, Please, Thank You, Baby
Favorite songs: Five Little Monkeys (He also does full out hand motions)

Beckham is still our little laid back guy.  You can often find him in his own little world just playing away and talking.  He absolutely LOVES to laugh.  His laugh is so contagious and warms my heart.  He loves to play this game where he turns his head away from you and pretends like he isn't listening.  He eventually breaks a smile and turns and giggles.  It's so cute!  He also loves to be chased and will laugh so hard he can't keep his balance. He isn't a picky eater. We have yet to find something he doesn't like.  We are still working on his athletic skills ;)  He got his first black eye at daycare a few weeks ago.  I really don't know how I'm going to deal with this "boy" stuff for the rest of my life, but I hear I'll get used to it.  He is still holding strong at 4 teeth with no signs of another popping through any time soon. 

If you will notice Beckham has now passed Brody in his weight.  He was almost a pound smaller at birth and really has been up until recently.  Beckham is an oinker.  That kid can eat.  He is actually still little bitty, but he has the fattest little legs and feet.  It cracks us up.  He can hardly fit in to any shoes.  They have really started interacting over the past two weeks.  I actually caught one of their conversations the other night.  Brody was going off saying something and Beckham just looked at him and shook his head yes.  What I wouldn't give to know what that was about haha.  They will play hide and seek with each other.  Twins just really are an experience unlike any other.  I'm lucky.  Most people still to this day say bless your heart and I still feel like saying no bless yours, your the one missing out.  And yes having 3 kids under 2 is going to be a handful.  It's going to be tiring and stressful, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Just when I think my heart can't grow any more Bray is going to enter in to our amazing family and we will be complete.  I will get to witness brothers growing up together.  I will get to be the single most important woman in their life (until they marry of course).  I get to hear the words I love you every day and kiss those handsome little lips.  What more could you ask for in life? 
"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3