Friday, July 5, 2013

The Killer B's

I guess it's time for an update on what my munchkins are up to these days.  The twins are now two (tear).  Bray is six months today.  It wouldn't be a complete post by me if I didn't say, where has the time gone?  We are staying busy that is for sure.  We spend most of our weekends outside in the kiddie pool.  These boys are just like their momma and love the sun! We have moved both boys to toddler beds and they are doing pretty good with them.  It takes a good hour for them to actually fall asleep at night because they have the freedom to roam around, but they eventually make it to bed.  Brody likes to crawl in bed with Beckham a lot. 

Beckham is weighing in at a whopping 25 lbs.  He is still my more reserved kid, but is starting to learn how to talk back.  It's wonderful. (sense my sarcasm?)  He could play by himself for hours but his bubba does not allow for that.  Brody picks on him so much.  He is learning to stand up for himself though and Brody does not like it at all.  I know we are supposed to be the parents and stop it, but it is actually quite funny to watch them go at it.  Trust me we do correct it at some point, but I think Beckham does need to know how to stand up for himself.  He is doing great with learning.  He can say so many things and for the most part we know what he is asking for these days.  I just can't believe how much his vocabulary has taken off in such a short amount of time. He is still an early riser and wakes up about 5 am.  I keep thinking this is going to change one day, but we are two years in and NOPE!  He has got the cutest personality and we truly think he is going to be the class clown.  He's so funny and has the greatest facial expressions. 

Brody is also weighing in at a whopping 25lbs. This kid is just plain onery.  My parents are constantly telling me he is just paying me back.  He has an amazing outgoing personality though.  He is very hard headed just like his momma and EVERYTHING is "me do it".  He runs everywhere he goes and he constantly has to be busy.  He is definitely our more challenging child.  He loves to place food everywhere but his plate and I'm starting to wonder if he is going to eat like this for the rest of his life. This kid could be outside all day every day if you would let him.  He has really started talking too.  I still get amazed that my kids can communicate now.  He is also still waking up at 5 am.  Somethings gotta give right?  This kid is going to be a handful for a  long time, but I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Bray.  Oh my spoiled little baby Bray Bray.  This baby has by far been the hardest one.  He has us wrapped around his finger and pretty much gets what he wants.  He just started sleeping through the night about a week ago.  Prior to that there are several nights where he slept attached to me.  If he wasn't attached to me he was screaming!  He doesn't take bitey's well and if you try to place it in his mouth when all he wants is momma you get a child that acts like you are torturing him.  Things have FINALLY settled down in that aspect though and we are headed in the right direction (please don't jinx me because I said this out loud).  He is still a little piglet and eats 6 oz every 2-3 hrs along with cereal once a day. We started solids last night and he had greens beans and loved them.  I don't think this kid is going to be too picky.  He loves to be held and pretty much won't let you put him down.  I've been told at daycare that he doesn't even use his crib.  While all of this sounds a little annoying I really am quite ok with it.  After all is is 99% for sure going to be my last baby.  I have to cherish it.  You also have to remember that I never had just one baby to love away on.  So if he needs to sleep attached to me a couple more nights...bring it on.  This won't last forever.  He is still going strong nursing and I still haven't decided how much longer I'm going to keep it up.  Six months was my goal and now that I've hit that I really don't have thoughts of stopping right now. I guess part of me knows that once I stop then that's a big piece of my last baby gone.  I'll never get to do this again.  Ok moving on because I hate even thinking about that.  Bray is wonderful and has a huge personality already.  I'm pretty sure he is going to be just like Brody so we're definitely in for some crazier times ahead.  He has started saying dada, mama, buba, and papa just this past week.  I love this little chunky monkey so much. We were joking the other day about how determined of a little man he is.  He decided he was going to be conceived into this world and he decided the day he was going to make his presence.  He is amazing!

I've often questioned how we would make it through these times.  I never imagined it to be this hard, but I also never imagined it to be this rewarding.  This life and these kids are right where we were all meant to be.

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3