Wednesday, August 25, 2010

IVF...Here We Come

As you can probably tell by the title of my post, I got a visit today from a very unwelcomed guest. My cousin called to check up on me and asked how I felt about it. Was it easier this month than last knowing that I'm moving on to bigger and better? Honestly, I don't really know. While I was waiting to start the emotions were just so much different because the outcome this time was different. I wasn't just moving on to the next cycle, we were moving on to In Vitro. I'm excited and dissapointed at the same time. I told Robert on the way home today that I never thought it would come to this. He agreed. This is technically the end of Fertility treatments. There isn't anything else we can do help get pregnant after this. What if it doesn't work? I'm going to really try and keep a positive outlook. I'm thinking triplets :) So we will be taking applications for free live in nannys. I thought I would give ya'll an outline of when things will happen. I'm really hoping to document all of this through my blog. Oh and ps. Amber I hope you are ready for me to come over every night at 8pm so you can give me my shots. Not sure that I trust Robert yet lol. JK I know you have an amazingly beautiful daughter that you will be taking care of. Congrats again!!!!! Ok here is the rough timeline:

8/27/10 Begin birth control and antibiotics
9/14/10 Begin Lupron injections 8PM every night
9/27/10 Suppression Check
9/27/10 (week of) start FSH 8AM and HMG 8PM every day
10/4/10(approx week of) Every other day appointments to watch follicles
10/6/10 (approx) HCG trigger shot
10/8/10 (approx) Egg Retrieval and Fertilization Begin Progesterone shot daily
10/9/10 receive call to see how many eggs fertilized
10/11/10 Embryo Transfer (2 eggs)
10/11/10-10/13/10 Bedrest
10/16/10 Appt to check Progesterone level
10/22/10 Am I pregnant???? Blood test

October seems so far away, but I know it will fly by. I have decided that we will be freezing our eggs. I don't know if insurance will cover this so I might have a house to sell if anyone is looking. I could use a ton of prayers through all of this. Thanks in advance. You all have been an amazing support to me. I hope you know how much it is valued.


Courtney said...

Count me in to be a prayer warrior for your IVF cycle!! =) I hope you get your triplets!! Lol


Amber said...

You know I'd be more than happy to stick you with needles every day throughout this process!!! If it'd get you that baby you deserve, I'd do anything. And baby Paisley will understand completely. Maybe she'll put off some good baby vibes to your uterus...

I'm sorry you're at this point in the journey but I hope it gets that baby you want so much. I'm here if you need anything!

Amy said...

I've been thinking about you today and wondering what was going on. This answers my question. I'm sorry it didn't work and I am praying with everything I have in me that IVF is the answer. Come on triplets!

Amber D'Amico said...

I PROMISE... the shots are a piece of cake and I was scared to death of them! The only shot that was terrible was the Progesterone and it REALLY hurt (not gonna lie about that one). BUT, it will all be worth it in the end! The timeline will FLY by too. I am going to keep checking in on here to keep up ;) I'll be praying for you every single day!!

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