Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 6 Months

I cannot believe the boys are ½ a year old. I mean really, where did the time go? They are getting so much personality and really growing in to their own ways. The fun is really beginning.


Length: 25 ½ in (9.6%)

Weight: 13lb 13 oz (1.8%)

Head Circumference: 17 (46%)

Who does your baby look like: Robert all the way

Baby’s current milestone achievement: Army crawl

Baby’s favorite thing to do: Smile! And bounce even in mid hair with his legs dangling ;)

As you can tell this poor little guy is tiny, but smart! Ha. He is still constantly sick, but always manages to be happy. He does the most awkward army crawl where he rolls to his side and then reaches his arm up to pull himself forward. It’s so stinking cute!


Length: 26 ½ in (45%)

Weight: 15lb 2 oz (9.73%)

Head Circumference: 16 ¾ (27%)

Who does your baby look like: He has my eyes and curly blonde hair, but looks a lot like my nephew when he was a baby.

Baby’s current milestone achievement: rolling like crazy and saying ba ba ba

Baby’s favorite thing to do: Sleep. Yep, me and him could sleep all day 

Yes he is quite a bit bigger than his brother. I really am not sure how his head is smaller. Lol. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and still the most kissable lips! He has my personality. Stubborn ha. He will let you know (with a grunt) when he is not satisfied.

They have both started eating baby food. They LOVE squash. The only one they haven’t liked was peas. I will be trying fruits within the next week. Every time I’m feeding them I still look in amazement at not only the fact that I am so blessed to actually have two babies to feed, but that they are actually here. Some days it still doesn’t seem real. What I had hoped and prayed for for so long is right in front of me. It’s the most amazing feeling to be their mommy and be needed. The other night my heart melted. My dad was trying to get Beckham to sleep and he just wasn’t budging. I grabbed him and he immediately fell asleep in my arms. Right then I realized that the love I had longed for for so long was laying in my arms. I am their mommy. I am the one who can comfort them when no one else can. I waited so long to feel that with so many nights not knowing if it was ever going to happen. Here I am. Living my dream. No matter what else is going on in my life I can never be ungrateful because of the extreme amount of blessings God has poured in to my life. He is good and I am thankful!



Anonymous said...

Wow.. This post really witnessed to my heart tonight! Thank you for your words, Kandice :) I can just *feel* how extreme your love for both of them is.. They are so very blessed to have you! That is a sweet story about Beckham falling to sleep once his Momma got ahold of him. : ) I wish we lived closer so our boys could play together. Cash has been down with a super bad cold the past couple days and so he's been clingy and whiney, but your post reminded me of how grateful I should remain for him even through the "no fun" sickies.


Jillian said...

I miss you. I have been thinking about you. Merry Christmas to you and your boys!

Faith said...

You are such a loving and sweet momma. I know how you feel - so blessed. Although I have some pretty frustrating moments, I try to pull myself back and remember how blessed I am:).

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3