Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My New Favorite Thing

Here lately Beckham has been getting fussy about 3:30am. We feed them at 5:00am so I do not want to give him a bottle because he will be completely off for the day. (yes I'm that mean). I have discovered that if I lay him in bed with me he falls right back to sleep. I ABSOLUTELY love this!! He will snuggle his little head right in to mine. He needs me :) I realize a million people say this is a bad habit to get in to, but I don't care. My babies will only want to love on their momma for so long and I'm going to take FULL advantage of it. I love those boys so much.


Amber said...

I say the absolute best thing in the world is snuggling in bed with your baby. Paisley exclusively slept with us until 4 months and still did great in her crib. And now it allows us to sleep in on our days off since she's so happy in our bed. Don't listen to others advice about anything!!! :)

Faith said...

Awwww. I slept with my babies on and off when they were little, until they were about 4months old and moved to their crib. I still wish I could snuggle them, but I need them to sleep in their cribs. And I still nurse Addy and rock her before bed every night, and people say you shouldn't do that either - oh well! I just want to love them and snuggle them as much as possible. Just enjoy it, momma!

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