Monday, October 10, 2011

The Boys are Growing

I have been an absolutely horrible blogger. I feel like life is just flashing before my eyes! The boys are getting so big. When did this happen? I am loving every minute with them. Brody laughed out loud for the first time this weekend and is so close to rolling over from his stomach to back. It's so funny as a mom to sit there and cheer on your 4 month old to roll over. It's so exciting though. Beckham has really started developing his own personality. He is my fit throwing back archer. He is going to be a quiet trouble maker. He will be laying there screaming and then out of nowhere stop and smile. It's the cutest thing ever! My love for these boys grows daily. I don't even know how that is possible, but it is. I officially have to watch Beckham in his swing. Here is a pic of why.

This was during one of his fits. He has gotten really good at those lately. They are still really good babies for the most part though. They slept in their cribs for the first time Friday night. It lasted till about 4am then they were back in our room and haven't slept in their since. I'm still having a really hard time letting them be that far away from me. I don't feel like I can protect them.

These boys love each other so much already. Here is a picture to prove it. I have a million just like this.

Here are just a few more to show you how big they have gotten. SO. IN. LOVE.


Faith said...

Amazing. They are GORGEOUS babies! Sounds like they are doing so well. I had a REALLY hard time moving both babies to their cribs - 10 steps down the hallway suddenly felt like they were a state away. I moved Addy to her room once and moved her back and tried again a month or so later:). You'll get there when you are ready - no need to rush. This time flies by so quickly. I'm so glad you are loving them so much!

Amber said...

I have got to see them again soon!!! They're so freaking cute. :) My heart ached when I moved Paisley to her own room. I actually slept in her recliner for a while before tearing myself away. Some nights I still miss her and want to go get her.

Mrs. D'Amico said...

Your boys are adorable! I love the swing picture!! And of course I love how they snuggle! My favorite has to be them dressed the same. I love when twins are dressed the same :) Good to see you blogging again!

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