Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Day Two Miracles Were Created

This day one year ago was one of the most miraculous days of my life. As of this time a year ago my boys were created. I remember walking in to the clinic that morning with so many fears. Would they get enough eggs? Would they fertilize? Would we have a baby at the end of this? They retrieved 13 eggs that day. 10 fertilized. Two of those eggs are my beautiful amazing little boys. It’s amazing how God picked them out. Only two eggs survived and were put back in me and to know those created this HUGE blessing in my life is breathtaking. It’s an emotion that I cannot explain. Even though IVF was a crazy ride I love the fact that we know the exact day our boys were made. Not many can say that. Today is a day to celebrate what an amazing God we serve. He knew what this would bring us. He reserved these boys just for Robert and I. What better gift in life can you ask for! I literally tear up with happiness every time I think of those cute little boys. My life is so rich and I only have God to thank for that. They are what make my world go round.

On a different note Beckham roled over for the first time last night. I was so excited to actually witness it. My biggest fear is that they would do all these things at daycare. Gosh I love them!

(video to follow)


Faith said...

That IS the wonderful thing about IVF - knowing the exact moment of creation:). Beautiful! Your boys are SUCH miracles. Can't wait to see that video:).

LisaB said...

What a wonderful post!! That made me teary eyed. I'm so happy you have your sweet miracles - you deserve it!

Courtney said...

How have I been missing your posts??!!!! I have been thinking about you lately and so I decided just to go "searching" to see if you had any new blog posts and I have missed TWO of them??? WHY??? I dont know??? Because I sign into my blogger atleast twice a week! Ugh...

Anyway... the boys are absolutely PERFECT!!!! And to think that you were wanting girls!! (I did too when I was pregnant) But, isnt it amazing how God knows exactly what we need!! I wouldnt trade my boy for a trillion little girls... and I know that you feel the same way about Beckham and Brody!! : ) They are soooooo much fun, huh??

It makes me so happy to see you happily loving your baby boys to peices!! Because I completely know that feeling myself. Those little tykes are so SO SO blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful Momma to love them every day.


---this is Courtney Senyard btw... I'm not on facebook anymore so this is the only way that I can keep up with you. =( Here's my email if you ever need anything: =)

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