Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

We brought the boys up to work on Thursday last week so they could trick or treat with mom and dads coworkers. We had fun showing them off. Then last night was Halloween and we just took them to my parents and Robert's moms. They did not like the masks that went with these so just enjoy their cuteness in the outfit.
Here are some more random cuteness pics.
This is Beckham at the Dr yesterday. Poor kid is always sick and has been to the Dr more in his life than most. He will always smile though. He also rolled over from his back to tummy for the first time last night. (I know I still owe a video of him rolling over). Here is Brody. He has found his feet and absolutely loves them! I think this is one of the cutest things ever. He will just lay there and grab them and roll from side to side. He has yet to roll over, but he has a little more belly to work with :)
On another note I just went through and read a blog that I hadn't seen in a while. I have a few friends (yes sadly more than one) who have lost their babies in the last year. My heart always ached for them, but I never truly got how devastating it would be until I had my boys. The thought of not seeing those smiles every day or hearing those sweet little coos is absolutely heartwrenching. I am going to do a better job of taking every day in. Not taking for granted the nights when I get to look down at those sweet faces and kiss all over them. No one is promised tomorrow and I want to take advantage of every second I have with them. They are my life!

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