Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 Months OH MY

The boys are 8 months old. I know I say this every time, but seriously where is the time going. I feel like just yesterday I was watching their tiny little faces just sleep all day. Now they are crawling maniacs. We seriously cannot keep up with these two. Especially Brody. He is so curious. He wants to see every room in the house. We are now getting accident reports from daycare weekly because with mobility comes danger. Don't worry, nothing too serious. Just a few bumps and scratches from their girlfriends. They can both sit up now. Brody loves to crawl and then just sit right up. He is showing us how big of a boy he is. I'm sure they will be pulling up any day now. Beckham says mama and dada. I really think he knows the difference too because mama is mainly when he doesn't feel good or is crying. Dada is always when he is happy. Brody can say dada and baba. We are working on mama! He can click his tongue, wave goodbye and clap. These boys are just so full of personality now. Going home and making them laugh is the best way to end our day. We are really starting to get a glimpse in to how different they are going to be. Beckham is going to be just like his daddy. More reserved, but I think he is also going to be the class clown. Brody is going to be just like me. Loud and in charge. He is going to have to have things his way. Now for some pics. Gosh I love these boys!


Faith said...

Wow, they are getting SO big!! The time sure does fly by. I can tell you are enjoying every minute you can with them:). Too sweet!

Amy Sanchez said...

AHHHH Brody and Beckham are soooo big, miss them.

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