Monday, February 27, 2012

Bring on Year One

I know, I'm constantly saying how I wish things would slow down.  I know I am going to miss EVERY.SINGLE.THING that I love about their age. For the first time though I am ready to move past this stage.  What I am refering to is the stage where I keep getting told that they are under 1 and they are daycare babies so they are going to be sick.  As you know in the past two weeks we have had double pink eye and double ear infections.  Well they started getting worse Wednesday.  I got a call from daycare about 3:30 saying Brody was running a fever and we needed to come get him.  Of course I was in training and Robert rode with me so we couldn't leave.  Thank goodness for my mother who said she could leave work.  When I got to her house you could tell Brody didn't feel well and he was wheezing. They both starting in on coughing non stop that night.  The wheezing continued for Brody throughout the night and in to that morning.  Even after having an inhaler.  That morning I went in to take the boys to daycare.  I sat on the floor for 30 minutes crying because I knew they didn't need to be there, but didn't know what else to do.  I had no time off and Robert had already taken 4 days off in the past two weeks because of their sickness.  I finally packed them back up and decided I couldn't leave them there.  I called my mom on the way out and she hadn't left for work yet.  She told me to bring them on over.  Again thank goodness for my mother.  I had the hardest day at work.  My babies were so sick and I wasn't there to care for them.  I talked to my mom on and off that day and she said they were doing pretty good.  They were still coughing and wheezing and running fevers, but were eating. I of course am so sick of taking them to the Dr. that I was trying to hold off.  Plus they were already on an antibiotic. As I was headed to get the boys from my mom Thursday, I got a call from daycare at 4:45.  It was the owner letting me know one of the girls in their class tested positive for RSV.  Now sets in major panic.  My niece was hospitalized for RSV when she was a baby.  I tried calling the Dr, but of course it was after hours.  I didn't know whether they needed to be seen immediately or if it could wait.  I had to leave a message for the triage nurse to call me back.  15 long minutes later I got the call back.  Apparently it's not as scary in older infants.  She said as long as they aren't having trouble breathing it could wait until the morning.  The boys had a really rough night with the coughing, but I was happy they were going to get in to be seen.  When we got to the Dr I told her I wanted an RSV test and an x-ray of their chests.  She sent us off to the hospital for the testing. In the meantime she told us we were 0-4 on their ears. Yep, still have double ear infections.  We are now on Bactrim (sp?) She also prescribed a nebulizer.  Which I am super excited to now have at home.  She told us either way if the test is positive or negative we were to do breathing treatments every 4 hours through the weekend. Both boys were wheezing. Brody was worse than Beckham.  I don't know if you have ever witnessed an infant chest x-ray but it is pretty sad.  They lock them up in this little contraption.  I can't even explain it, but it was torture to watch two babies go through it.  (It doesn't hurt them by the way, just momma).  I got a call from the PA Friday night and she confirmed that they both tested positive for RSV.  I wonder how many more illnesses we can get in a two weeks span?  We have to be hitting a record.  I also have to throw in how I love that we are paying for a daycare we can’t even attend.  I’m so ready for this winter to be over.  The boys did so good with their breathing treatments.  I seriously have two of the best babies in the world!!!


Adam and Julia said...

we have RSV at our house too. The breathing treatments are ok during the day, but terrible at night. Hope all out littles get better soon.

Amber said...

I am super sorry you're dealing with this!!! The boys do look adorable in their little nebulizer masks though. Hope everyone gets to feeling better really soon!

Amy said...

I'm sorry, Kandice! I really hope they start to feel better soon.

Faith said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope they feel better very soon! They sure are adorable:).

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