Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toddler Beds Already?

The boys are only 16 months and it's looking like it might be time for one of them to go to a toddler bed already.  Let me explain.  Brody (the rebel) is our little climber.  He has been climbing on the couches at home, chairs at daycare (two falls on his head already), dog gates, you name it he wants to climb it.  About a month ago my mom at kept them at home one day. She had Brody in his crib while she was changing Beckham.  She said she turned around and saw Brody sitting on top of his changing table. That was the first and only incident we had had of him climbing out of his crib.  At that point I hadn't been too concerned because at night he lays down and goes straight to sleep and when he wakes up he usually wakes up crying/screaming.  Plus we have a video monitor to be able to watch him.  Well this past Saturday night Robert and I had gone to a football game.  When we got home the boys had been sound asleep for a couple of hours.  We visited with his sisters for a while, who had come over to watch the boys, and when they left I went in to check on the boys.  This is where I found Brody.

Sound asleep.  I'm still confused at how he just stopped at this point.  My reaction went from scared to immediately couldn't stop laughing.  Now I'm backed to a little scared.  It scares me that he did this so quietly.  What if he does this in the middle of the night and just rolls off?  I think our safer bet is to switch to the toddler bed, but even that scares me.  Then he has free reign of his bedroom if he wakes up.  Ah the decisions of parenting. 


Shanny said...

Hee,hee... OK it's funny... and SCARY! So you would get just one toddler bed? I would probably feel sad moving one up and not the other but that's me, I'm weird lol.
Do give us an update on how this goes! My twins are 2 and still in cribs... I'm curious how the transition goes, and good luck ;)

Faith said...

oh my goodness! That's crazy, lol! Both of mine are still in cribs. Addy got out of hers once (we're not sure how) so we flipped it so the tall end is facing the room, and she hasn't done it again. She is like Brody - serious climber and daredevil:). I am NOT ready for toddler beds - I will hold on to the cribs to last second, lol! Good luck and please update on how it goes!

Mrs. D'Amico said...

Whoa! My reaction went from gasping to laughing. Scary and funny.

Sarah said...

Hi Kandice! New follower here! Just had to say I love the three names you have chosen! Pregnancy suits you well too with that cute belly and all! Good luck with the last few weeks!

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