Monday, February 27, 2012

Bring on Year One

I know, I'm constantly saying how I wish things would slow down.  I know I am going to miss EVERY.SINGLE.THING that I love about their age. For the first time though I am ready to move past this stage.  What I am refering to is the stage where I keep getting told that they are under 1 and they are daycare babies so they are going to be sick.  As you know in the past two weeks we have had double pink eye and double ear infections.  Well they started getting worse Wednesday.  I got a call from daycare about 3:30 saying Brody was running a fever and we needed to come get him.  Of course I was in training and Robert rode with me so we couldn't leave.  Thank goodness for my mother who said she could leave work.  When I got to her house you could tell Brody didn't feel well and he was wheezing. They both starting in on coughing non stop that night.  The wheezing continued for Brody throughout the night and in to that morning.  Even after having an inhaler.  That morning I went in to take the boys to daycare.  I sat on the floor for 30 minutes crying because I knew they didn't need to be there, but didn't know what else to do.  I had no time off and Robert had already taken 4 days off in the past two weeks because of their sickness.  I finally packed them back up and decided I couldn't leave them there.  I called my mom on the way out and she hadn't left for work yet.  She told me to bring them on over.  Again thank goodness for my mother.  I had the hardest day at work.  My babies were so sick and I wasn't there to care for them.  I talked to my mom on and off that day and she said they were doing pretty good.  They were still coughing and wheezing and running fevers, but were eating. I of course am so sick of taking them to the Dr. that I was trying to hold off.  Plus they were already on an antibiotic. As I was headed to get the boys from my mom Thursday, I got a call from daycare at 4:45.  It was the owner letting me know one of the girls in their class tested positive for RSV.  Now sets in major panic.  My niece was hospitalized for RSV when she was a baby.  I tried calling the Dr, but of course it was after hours.  I didn't know whether they needed to be seen immediately or if it could wait.  I had to leave a message for the triage nurse to call me back.  15 long minutes later I got the call back.  Apparently it's not as scary in older infants.  She said as long as they aren't having trouble breathing it could wait until the morning.  The boys had a really rough night with the coughing, but I was happy they were going to get in to be seen.  When we got to the Dr I told her I wanted an RSV test and an x-ray of their chests.  She sent us off to the hospital for the testing. In the meantime she told us we were 0-4 on their ears. Yep, still have double ear infections.  We are now on Bactrim (sp?) She also prescribed a nebulizer.  Which I am super excited to now have at home.  She told us either way if the test is positive or negative we were to do breathing treatments every 4 hours through the weekend. Both boys were wheezing. Brody was worse than Beckham.  I don't know if you have ever witnessed an infant chest x-ray but it is pretty sad.  They lock them up in this little contraption.  I can't even explain it, but it was torture to watch two babies go through it.  (It doesn't hurt them by the way, just momma).  I got a call from the PA Friday night and she confirmed that they both tested positive for RSV.  I wonder how many more illnesses we can get in a two weeks span?  We have to be hitting a record.  I also have to throw in how I love that we are paying for a daycare we can’t even attend.  I’m so ready for this winter to be over.  The boys did so good with their breathing treatments.  I seriously have two of the best babies in the world!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 Months OH MY

The boys are 8 months old. I know I say this every time, but seriously where is the time going. I feel like just yesterday I was watching their tiny little faces just sleep all day. Now they are crawling maniacs. We seriously cannot keep up with these two. Especially Brody. He is so curious. He wants to see every room in the house. We are now getting accident reports from daycare weekly because with mobility comes danger. Don't worry, nothing too serious. Just a few bumps and scratches from their girlfriends. They can both sit up now. Brody loves to crawl and then just sit right up. He is showing us how big of a boy he is. I'm sure they will be pulling up any day now. Beckham says mama and dada. I really think he knows the difference too because mama is mainly when he doesn't feel good or is crying. Dada is always when he is happy. Brody can say dada and baba. We are working on mama! He can click his tongue, wave goodbye and clap. These boys are just so full of personality now. Going home and making them laugh is the best way to end our day. We are really starting to get a glimpse in to how different they are going to be. Beckham is going to be just like his daddy. More reserved, but I think he is also going to be the class clown. Brody is going to be just like me. Loud and in charge. He is going to have to have things his way. Now for some pics. Gosh I love these boys!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pulling at the Heart Strings

My heart has been pulled in a million directions over the past week.  It all started Friday night when I went out to dinner with my girlfriends.  I left the boys at home with Robert.  We had spent the day with the boys because we were off work and we noticed Beckham wasn't really feeling that well and he had some yellow goop coming from his eyes.  I got a text from Robert while I was out saying his eyes were getting really bad.  I got home about 11pm and both the boys were awake fussing like crazy. You could tell they didn't feel well and Beckham's eyes were almost matted shut.  We called the after hours number for our Pediatrician and the nurse told us that if he was draining then it probably was just a cold and not pink eye or RSV.  So we decided not to do anything.  They both slept in bed with us that night and when we got up the next morning it looked like things were getting better.  We made sure to keep Beckham's eyes cleaned out and nose sucked.  Like I've mentioned before Beckham is always sick and I've really gotten tired of putting him on Omoxicillan just for the cold to come back.  I was going to let this cold run it's course.  Well we woke up Sunday morning and Beckham's eyes had gotten worse and now Brody's eyes were doing the same thing.  We both knew at that point it was pink eye.  We had some snow storms that were suppose to move in so we decided to be safe and take them to the ER instead of chancing not being able to get out of the house Monday.  (I also had to be seen for my Endo which has apparently returned, but that is another post) Sure enough they both had pink eye. We then had to find a 24 hr pharmacy to fill there prescriptions and wait an hour and a half to get them filled. By the time we got home it was almost midnight.  They got their first dose that night and let me tell you these boys are not a fan of eye drops!!!  Brody is a pretty good little eye squincher.  I took off Monday because they obviously could not go to daycare.  I love spending the day with my babies.  The drops seem to be helping, that is until we woke up Tuesday morning to their eyes looking worse! Robert stayed home this time because I am running out of time off.  Beckham had been running 102 for two days so we decided he needed to be seen again.  Turns out he has double ear infections.  The Dr told us that if Brody is having the same symptoms he probably needs to be seen too.  So Robert took off again Wednesday to keep both them home and take Brody to the Dr.  Guess what?  He has double ear infections too.  I spent most of my work day Wednesday crying. Not only because I feel so bad for my sick babies, but because I can't be there with them.  I have this tremendous amount of mommy guilt. I have never been one to want to make my work more important than my family.  NEVER!  I have actually promised that this is not how it was going to be when I had a family.  My parents constantly worked and I vowed to be different.  But how can I?  I have to make money to pay bills and to put food in their mouth.  I have to make money so eventually they can play sports or do whatever it is in life that they want to do.  I want to provide.  But I'm stuck between providing monetary things and providing comfort and love and just ME! This mommy's heart is breaking in a million pieces and the sad thing is, it's just part of life.
"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3