Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Holy Ovaries

I had my ultrasound on Monday. From what I know and what I've asked others I think it's a good report. I had around 4-6 follicles. I only wrote down the sizes of 4. Here they are: 14.47mm, 16.65mm, 16.23mm, 20.96mm. From my understanding they grow at about 2mm every other day and are ready to release around 20 or higher. My uterine lining was a 6.5. I'm not really confident with this number although they say anything above 5 is good. Last time I got put on an estrogen patch to help thicken my lining. Not sure if that is going to happen this time because my stinking Dr won't call me back. Anyways, so I can majorly feel things developing in my ovaries. It's really strange. I'm pretty sure I'm about to release an egg any moment which will be kind of early for me, but I'm not complaining. That means I'll find out sooner if we are pg. Well gotta go get busy....ok that was TMI!

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