Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RE Appointment #1

I had my appointment with the specialist yesterday. He basically told us that we are a young healthy couple and our tests have come out fine so we didn’t really need to be seeing him. Not what I wanted, but Robert made a good point. At least we know he’s not out for our money. I really liked him though. He was very straight forward and took the time to talk to us. He gave us the option of doing nothing because apparently to him we are normal and since we were pg back in Feb we are technically not considered as an infertility patient. (that one pissed me off) Just because we had a miscarriage doesn’t mean we have a child. Anyway, or we can start Femara next month and he also wants to do a postcoital. Oh this will be fun to explain. Basically we go in around when I’m ovulating. We have intercourse then 4 hours later go in to see him where he will swab my cervix and observe under a microscope whether his sperm are swimming in my mucous. Oh doesn’t this sound lovely. Of course we opted for the Femara. I’m so tired of taking our time on this. I’m ready to move on and be proactive. I think I have about 2 weeks until my next cycle. So that’s two more weeks of relaxation. Then it’s hard core trying!!!!!

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