Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rules of the Infertile

So for those of you who don't have to suffer through infertility, let me just give a few examples of what us infertiles are not allowed to do.

No drinking
No caffeine
No smoking
No strenuous exercise (could cause you not to ovulate)
No bagged popcorn (it has now been linked to Infertitly)
Men have to wear boxers
Men can't get the boys hot it kills sperm
Men can't drink caffeine
Can't use the bathroom after intercourse (you may flush your children down)
Can't get up after intercourse for at least 30 min
Can't lay flat after intercourse (must prop up or they may not swim)
Can't have casual sex because must be prepared for a full week of intecourse
And the last for now is you really can't enjoy life to the fullest when the one thing that would define your life you can't have

All the while the 16 yr old girl down the street just got knocked up while smoking crack, drunk off her butt and peed immediately after.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please Lord Let This Work

So I got my positive OPK yesterday. Right on time CD 14. Robert and I went in to the Dr about 2:00pm. I was honestly expecting the worst. Everything could have gone wrong. My follicle couldn't have been big enough yet meaning we would have to come in a day or two later (and we all know we are getting a big ice storm), I could have been ovulating off my left side (which could be blocked), sperm count could have not been good, etc.... God was on our side yesterday! I had a beautiful follicle that was getting ready to release on my right side! YAY GO ME! Robert went and did his thing. Let me just stop and brag about him a bit. You only need 2 million sperm to do an IUI. He had 11 million. We will now call him super sperm. Ok back to business. I got the IUI about 4:00pm. Good news is I'm pretty sure I felt ovulation around 8:00pm last night and I had a temp rise this morning. I really hope they were in there ready for my egg! Everything seems perfect this cycle. Now it's just time for that dreaded two week wait. I can only imagine what kind of symptoms I'm going to come up with now.

Friday, January 15, 2010


So today I marched my happy little butt in the Dr's office and told them what I wanted. Ok so I didn't really go in that stern. It was just the nurse today and I think that might have worked out to my benefit. I felt very comfortable talking to her about my concerns and what I wanted to do next. So here is the plan. I will continue the Femara and Progesterone, but I will go in this time on the day of my positive opk. I will then have an ultrasound to check my follicles. As long as my dominate follicle is in my right ovary (because apparently my left one is bad...we'll come back to this in a second) then we will do an IUI. For those of you who do not know what this is, let me explain a bit. Basically my wonderful husband will have to give a little sample of his swimmers. They will then let it brew for an hour (not sure why, but we'll go with it). They will then inject his sperm directly in to my uterus through a syringe thingamabob or something like that. Oh the pleasures of having a child...oh wait I don't..... I really don't know how much our chances increase with this procedure, but I do know that if it doesn't work I have a laproscopy scheduled for March 5th to check for endometriosis. Now back to the bad ovary. So if you remember from an earlier post, I got my results of my HSG from my OB/GYN. I was a little annoyed by the fact that it said one of my ovaries may not have spilled over and have adhesions. Well apparantely I may have had a reason to be mad. The nurse now seems to think I have a bad ovary. So I will now patiently wait to have the laproscopy and if they find something (insert word) will hit the fan. I will find out why I was NEVER told these results.

I am really excited to finally be taking steps forward. I feel like I am finally getting listened to. I know I ask this a lot, but please keep us in your prayers. Not only for a baby, but just finacially because I don't know how far this is going to have to go. We have amazing insurance, but eventually the maximum is going to run out.

And Here Starts Another Month

Well i'm sure it's no surprise that I am not pg once again. I have so many negative things to say right now, but I"m trying to be a more positive person so I will keep them to myself for now. If I feel the need to rant in a couple of days then you will hear them and there is a very good chance of that. I'm going back to the RE today to start my 3rd and final round of Femara. I am going to demand he do a laproscopy as well to check for endometriosis. At this point I am thinking they will find something. I just don't believe that after 2 1/2 years of doing everything perfect that this is just not happening by chance or "statistics" as the Dr would say. I'm ready to move on to further treatment and do everything we can to have our child. This means scaling back on a lot of things we love because this is about to get very pricey. I know it will be worth every penny spent. By the way, we are back at church and my faith is increasing again. I know I cannot do this without God. Please keep Robert and I in your prayers. This journey really is starting to wear heavily on both of us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


While I hope to someday be posting about our actual babies, I dont' see that happening anytime soon. So I decided I would talk about my other babies. My puppies. I got the first one for my 25th birthday in 2007. I had shown a pic to my then fiance of a dog in boot. It was a long hair daschund. Robert came home one day and made me go in the bathroom. When I was allowed to open the door the first thing I saw was a little puppy in a boot. He was the cutest thing in the world. I was instantly in love. I will share a few pictures of him as a puppy. His name is Rylan.


Rylan used to come to work with me and this is what he would do all day. He was the sweetest dog in the entire world and still is. Now Bentley on the other hand I had a love/hate relationship with. I got him for Valentines Day in 2008. I had a new job so I didn't have the leisure of bringing him to work with me. So he stayed caged up as a puppy for 11 hours. As we all know puppies can't hold anything that long. I cleaned up poop every single day for about a month straight. Needless to say Bentley also got a bath every day for a month. He is a Chiweenie. Chihuaha/Daschund mix. He has a lot of Chihuaha qualities such as being skidish, barking non stop, and decides to pee on the floor occasionally. He is getting a lot better and we know have a very loving relationship. Here are some pics of him as a puppy.


These dogs make my day when I get home. We let them out of their cage and the excitement they have to see me is amazing. I really do feel so loved by them. These dogs sleep with us at night. Rylan and I spoon. Yes he sleeps in my little circle and lays his head on my pillow. So spoiled and Bentley sleeps at my feet. I don't want to imagine life without these dogs. They really are like our children. I hope they live a long loving life. I will leave you with some more pictures. I have about 300 of them, but for the sake of saving your day I will only post a few.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Phone Call

So I was sitting at work yesterday minding my own business when all of the sudden I get a phone call. I look down and it says Creative Kids. This is where we had put our name on the waiting list for our child to go to daycare. I couldn't bring myself to answer it. I listened to the message they left and it said they had an opening for our baby. WOW! Is it ever going to end? It dawned on me that yesterday would have been my first day back from maternity leave. For the most part I have moved on from the extreme pain and there are days that I forget what we have been through, but it seems like there is always going to be something lurking around the corner to remind me. I guess I am ok with this though becuase I don't want to ever forget. I don't want to be that person 5 years from now talking to someone who is going through what I went through and be so insensitive. I want to always remember this struggle. It has made me a better person.
"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3