Friday, August 14, 2009

And waiting again

As of today I am currently 4 dpo. Which means 8 days to go before I can test (if I hold out that long). I've actually noticed myself this cycle not being so "in tuned". It hasn't helped that I"ve been sick for over a week now, which by the way gave me some wonderful fertile cervical mucous due to the medicine I was taking. For those of you who don't know, some cold medicines have guaifenesin in it. Which actually creates you to have more cervical fluid. In my case it gave me an ABUNDANCE. This was probably the only happy part of TTC this month. Being sick and having to bd do not go together very well at all. So anyways back to the not staying "in tuned". First was going to the dr. They always ask you when your last menstrual cycle was. I actually had to look it up. I ALWAYS know when it is just because in this process you kinda have to. Then I was looking in to my MBA and had to see when my due date would be if i was pg. I ALWAYS know this too. Just becuase it's fun to know :). It's been nice to not keep up so much, but of course now that I'm in the wait I'll probably get a little more anxious the closer it gets. The time is going to fly by though. If no such luck, it's on to Clomid (for real this time).

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