Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

Thought #1 I was in the shower this morning doing my usual random thinking and it dawned on me how ironic this whole process is. We’ve spent so much time not wanting to get pg and trying to prevent it. Now we are spending loads of money and seeing specialists. Seriously we could have not worried about it that whole time because it obviously is not that easy for us to get knocked up.

Thought #2 So I have been getting a lot of emails lately from just different people whom I know, but they are my closest friends. I have completely cherished these emails and appreciate them so so much. Seriously these people don’t know how much their kinds words mean. The point of this thought is that I didn’t even know these people read my blog. I have a simple request. If you follow my blog will you become a follower? You can use a fake name if you would like, but it’s nice for me to see how many people actually read this.

Thought #3 I love Starbucks non fat vanilla lattes, but I really wish they weren’t so dang expensive.

Thought #4 It’s amazing how the people that don’t know you that well are the ones you feel like care most for your situation. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be your family and close friends? (I realize there are some of my family and friends that this thought excludes)

Thought #5 Ok this is more of an update on my cycle. I am now 4 dpo (days past ovulation). Oddly enough I will be testing on my angel baby’s due date. I technically am not suppose to start until November 13th, but I can’t resist. A positive test on that day could take some of the hurt away.

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