Thursday, October 14, 2010

We Have Babies

Let me first start off by saying how horrible the wait for that phone call was. I imagined every possible scenario on the other end of that line. Of course they were all the worst. Good news is they called before lunch time so I didn't have to wait long. Here are day 1's numbers

out of 13 eggs
9 Fertilized
2 polyspermic(meaning two sperm got in-not usable)
1 pronuclei (not sure what this really means but it could still turn in to a possible egg)
1 Immature (not usable)

I'm so happy with the results so far. I feel so blessed for things to still being going so well. I know they could turn at any minute. I am still a little bloated today and can feel pain in my ovaries a little more, but still nothing too big. Today was my last day of work for 10 days! I'm excited. I could possibly be a pregnant woman when I go back. Of course no one will know that :)


RELH said...

Such a great fert. report!

Courtney said...

YAY!! 9 little babies are forming!!! Isnt God soooo good?! Your doing great girl!.. hang in there! Not too much longer and you will be seeing two pink lines!! I'm still thinking TWINS! =D


Jhett Boyer said...

That's so great!! I will keep you in my prayers :)

LisaB said...

I'm so happy for you! Keep growing babies!!

Anna said...

Sounds GREAT!

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. John 9:3